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Level recorders

TYPE : LU 503 G, LU 503 GA

Level recorder LU503G and LU503GA

This universal devise serves to continual monitoring of level in bores, watercourse level, level in reservoirs or - in combination with specific overflow - to flow measuring, as the case may be. The registry drum turns once within 8 days. There is possible to equip the clock mechanism with a divider to set one drum turn to 8; 16; 32; 64; or 128 days. The 503 G uses mechanical float system with logger and electric clock mechanism. The 503 GA is equipped with multi-turn aripot to facilitate wire data transfer or data digitalisation with possibly to connect recording instruments.

The whole limnigraph is set in a metal locker to protect it against weather impact and damage as well.

Advantages: classic robust design with proved long term service life and opportunity cost.

Basic technical data

connecting flange
ø320 mm
device height
645 mm
weight (include protective locker)
20 kg
ø160 mm (ø100–ø300mm)
power source
3× AA-R6 Mignon pencil-type batteries
0.0002 W
max. measuring range
10m (acc. to gearing up adjustment)
diagram paper
500 × 280 mm
max. measuring deviation
± 0.4 %