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Interface meter

TYPE : OWI 10, OWI 20, OWI 30

Interface meter OWI 10, OWI 20 and OWI 30

These meters are portable devices for measuring of electrically non-conducting liquids layers thickness; it is the question of liquids insoluble, immiscible in water, thus creating interface either with level or bottom commensurate with its volume weight. The device is good for operative application in bores, basins, tanks, and wherever for thickness determination of monitoring of electrically non-conducting liquid circumscriebed by air or water. Phases signalling: both optic and acoustic.

Advantages: simple hadling; dependability; simple optic/acoustic signalling; instant environment indication; probe self-cleaning capability; automatic signalling low voltage and/or breakdown; mechanism robustness and easy cleaning.

Technical data

probe diameter
ø22 mm
power source
9V batrery type 6F22
current consumption
10 mA
0.5 mm
max. kinematic viscosity
900 mm²/sec.
measuring band length
10, 20, 30 m (as requested)
230×265×100 mm
1.6 kg
measured medium operating temperature range
+3° to +40°C